Thursday, September 04, 2014

WooHoo! I'm legal to drive....

In order for me to apply for my driver's license here, i needed my Emirate ID & resident visa. Procedure here is a bit like waiting in line at Walmart (ouch! i said it) only to finally get to the cashier to realize that you don't have a price on all of your purchases & then having to go back & collect that info & get back into line. NOT A FUN experience.....

Thankfully, i have an extremely patience & intelligent husband who is taking care of ALL OF IT. He had the apt (with washer & dryer) & a family vehicle here ready for us as we got off the plane. He has spent his last few weeks shopping (if you know him,you know he avoids ALL SHOPPING) for furniture, household appliances, curtains, kids school uniforms & supplies needed. He's AMAZING! 

So glad to be back to a 2 car family. Kids have after school sports & of course futbol practice in the evening. Our family calendar is getting back to normal! Lolz

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First day at AISA

My Freshman!! 
My 8th grader!!!
My 6th grader!!!
My 4th grader!!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day trip to Dubai!

Dubai has some very interesting buildings.
The architecture was very intriguing

The Dubai Mall
they have a water tunnel to walk thru so you can see the sealife from all angles

they have a huge aquarium in the mall

took a ride around the top of the aquarium in a glass bottom boat...

It was cool watching the animals swimming underneath us 

making faces at the fish....

we might have scared them.....

yep! swimming for his life...poor little guy....

Wrestling the King Croc!!!
Doesn't seem AJ fared so well......
there were rope bridges to cross over the habitats. what a great view!!!!
They had a tank with all different kinds & sizes of starfish you could touch.

nature isn't complete without these adorable guys.... they are so fun to watch!

Tallest Building in the World

Beautiful water area overlooking downtown Dubai. you can take a boat ride around it.
The water show was amazing.....I'll try to post the video later.

Monster found her HULK! (no, we did not buy him for her!)

we took a jeep ride simulation....they have a whole mini-amusement park inside the mall.
Roller Coasters included!!!!!

want to fly a 747??? lol, you can try.....

this is the fountain you toss your coins in for a wish!!so Cool!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Indoor time..

With daddy at work & being a 1-car family right now, afternoons are spent INDOOR

In one of our many trip to one of the many malls, we found a ToysRUs!! Yippee! 

Snakes & Ladders anyone?? 

Plenty of games to choose from... We picked up some of our favs! 

You sank my battleship!! 

They played late into the night, love the sounds of giggles echoing through the apt. 

Life without the furry kids....

It's weird... This life without our furry kids. We have had our furry kids longer than we have our littlest monster.... 

I see clothes on the floor & I think, better pick it up before Toby takes it outside. The amount of food that falls from the table is astounding.... Guess our furry kids really knew how to clean up under the table. 

Monster points out the pet area in every store we go in. She has never been without them...this is probably the hardest on her.

Someone's furry kid was fussing the yesterday & I kept thinking I needed to let them out. lol. Some habits are hard to break..... 

While I know my furry kids are in good families, still miss them warming my feet while watching a movie or letting me know it's time to play at 10:30pm!!! Ha! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adventure Zone

So there's this place.... a place where i can drop the kids at the Dalma mall while i shop.... its has a skate park, pump track (bike), trampoline park, boulder wall & cable climb course. 

kids chose to do the trampoline park & cable climb coarse.................. while Leah did complete the first round (you can go back as many times in your 30 min section), I'm pretty certain she will not go for that again. Poor girl, doesn't care for heights!